• background
    Our people
    make us great.
    AIS hires top quality auditors;
    equipt and trained to be professionals
    in pharmacy environments.
  • background
    Industry leading solutions
    based on customer service
    Tailored services focused to fit your needs,
    corporate culture, and processes.
  • background
    Advanced, efficient
    Our partners have access to the industry's
    most advanced technology.

Pharmacy Services

Physical inventory audits and counts

AIS is the leading provider of inventory services focused on client needs, customer service, and tailored processes.

Markets Served

Serving the healthcare pharmacy industries: Hostpital, Retail, In/Outpatient, LTC, Clinics...

Custom Processes

Every facility's need is unique: tenths, half/full, pill level, NDC, SKU, financial...


Customized reports during and after audits. See the data your way, on your schedule.

More About Us

Our people make us great...

Advanced Inventory Solutions, Inc. provides pharmacies with customized inventory services. Our partners have direct access to industry-leading solutions through advanced technology, dedicated auditors, and efficient processes.

  • Consistent teams
  • Highly trained team leaders and auditors
  • Trained for efficiency and accuracy
  • Inconspicuous and Professional
  • Auditors have only one job - your inventory
  • Trained and screened prior to entering your sites
  • Dedicated, well-trained personnel
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