Inventory Reports

Reporting is an important part the inventory processes. We provide all the neccesary reporting to ensure an accurate and comprehensive count during the audit and provide you with vital metrics at its conclusion.

On Site Reporting

We like to handle the leg work prior to inventory day so you get final reporting at the conclusion of the audit. With other services, you may be waiting up to a few months to see your inventory data. Customized reports are developed for each customer. The most common reports are:

  • Live Audit: view real-time audit progress remotely
  • Audit Trails: to ensure accuracy
  • Area by Location: dollars, units, number of SKU's
  • Tolerance Reporting: number of units, price, extended value
  • Data Export: any file type needed for your systems

Post Audit Reporting

There are many ways to view data. Since every client is unique, reports are customized based on your continuing needs and system requirements. Some of the common reports are:

  • Summary Reporting: comparing historical values
  • Data File: facility wide line item listing viewable by Area, Category, or Location
  • FDA Reporting: FDA compliant controlled substance report